Green Initiatives

Oliver Printing is committed to environmental sustainability and being a socially responsible global citizen. We are working toward integrating eco-friendly best practices into both our long-term strategies and daily operations. Minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing, recycling and reusing resources is a fundamental priority and one that we continually look for ways to improve upon.

In March 2007, Oliver Printing was one of the first printers in Northeast Ohio to receive its Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certification. This process involved meticulous review and compliance to the rigorous standards established by the Forest Stewardship Council. We are proud to participate in this program that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and also allows us to support our customers in living a green life. You can find more information at

Recycling is a large part of our sustainability campaign. Each year, we recycle more than 600 tons of material used in our printing process. The environmental benefit of this excess production recycling is comparable to saving 8500 trees or not driving 12,100 miles.

Our company has also instituted a variety of other eco-friendly business practices in our production process. We print with environmentally friendly inks, such as Evolution, which are formulated with bio-based, renewable resources, including vegetable oils, resins and their derivatives. These inks release less than 1% VOC (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere during printing, significantly less than traditional inks. Because their color stability on press is excellent, energy and paper use are also reduced. For finishing, we use water-based aqueous coating to protect printed pieces from dirt and fingerprints which is a more renewable method than UV coating and lamination. Finally, we have significantly reduced print production waste. Our state-of-the-art press technology, skilled pressman and choice of top quality paper allow us to save on the number of “make-ready” sheets required to run through the press during press set up. In addition, integrated Axis color control spectrophotometers on press not only ensure color consistency throughout the press run, but also help us reduce by half make-ready waste when compared to older technologies.

Environmental stewardship is a responsibility Oliver Printing takes seriously. We will continue to explore the technologies and resources available to help us meet our sustainability goals now and into the future.